Monday, August 12, 2013

Shaklee Webinar/conference call schedule

Shaklee Webinar and Conferance call schedule

Here's the webinar schedule.  Let me know what schedule(s) will work for you so I can send you the appropriate information.

Most Mondays at 7:00PM Mountain time
* Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Mountain time
Most Saturdays at 8:00 AM Mountain Time
* Saturdays at 9:00 AM

* requires registration by about 2 hours prior to the webinar.  Registration is free and should only take about 5 minutes or less.  After that you will be notified by email about the Tuesday and Saturday webinars.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's try to live in harmony with each other

I personally don't feel a need to collect lots of guns but some people do. I believe that should be thier right, unless there's proof that they are a danger to others. Just having the collection alone should not be considered proof. For me, I would be happy with just one or two of these. Some people choose to be judgemental about this. There's lots of excuses people find to be judgemental. What kind of person rides a Harley? What kind of person l likes to go off roading? What kind of person likes to collect guns? Or that person is treehugger. That person's a liberal. That person is a Republican. I could go on and on but I'm on a Droid (patience tester) so I'd rather not. My point here is that I'd like to see more people looking for reasons to work together and fewer people looking for excuses to be judgemental with each other. Keep in mind one of the methods the status quo uses to keep us "in line" is to keep us divided.
Whether you're running a business or even just advancing a cause, being judgemental can set you back. It can also damage relationships with friends and relatives. I have a challenge for you. If you are finding that almost everyone around is not measuring up to your expectations. Try evaluating your expectations.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Prescribed Burns may be needed

There may be no immediate solutions in sight for the droughts but there may be something that can be done to reduce the fire danger.  Fire is an important part of many ecosystems.  Years of fire suppression have been a significant factor in the decline of the health of the forests.  We now have forests that will go up in flames with just the slightest spark.  The situation has placed many communities in danger.  I dont believe theres any relief in the near future. 
If done carefully, a mixture of logging and prescribed burns near all communities that are in danger could go a long ways. Logging would have to be done in a way to encourage forest health.  Logging does not replace fire.  There are some plant and tree species that require fire in order to germinate.  Maybe its about time to put together controlled burn teams.  That will cost some money but maybe it can be done for less than many people think. Heres my idea.   Free courses in controlled burn certification could be offered by the land management agencies.  There could be an incentive offered as well to those who complete the courses.  Upon receipt of this certification, they are available to be part of controlled burn teams. They could then be part of a controlled burn team that operates near their home or an area of their choosing.  These teams would initially be supervised by paid management personnel who know about fire. Further certification would be based on experience and performance.   Eventually it could turn into a paid supervision position with a land management agency.  They could even be allowed to do controlled burns on their own land if they own a large tract of land with wildfire potential.  This could take some of the pressure off of the land management agencies and the smoke jumpers along with reducing the threat fires that destroy communities.  It could even put some people back to work who are unemployed.  The federal government often moves very slowly so this may need to be started on a local level.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Almost like a dessert but very nutritious

I just discovered a fun thing to do with Shaklee's instant energy soy.  You might even think you're having dessert for breakfast or whatever meal you are eating.  This was very tasty and fullfilling.  For those of you who are familiar with Orange Julius, think of eating that as a pudding.
about 1 or 2 tablespoons of orange juice
3 tablespoons of Shaklee Instant Energy Soy(non GMO of course)
A handful of blueberries or your favorite fruit.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Streamline the tax structure

The ideas here are to reduce administrative costs of taxation.
Government employees should be exempt from paying taxes to the government entity they are working for whether it's the Federal, State or a local gpvernment.  Instead of paying taxes to that entity, they should just have their paycheck reduced slightly.  If this is the only income they are receiving, they should not be required to file a tax return to the government entity they are employed by.
People who make less of then poverty level income should be exempt from paying taxes.  Poverty level would need to be based on the cost of living in the area where the person lives.  Many of the people who are living on those incomes are going to end up applying for some sort of public assistance.  if they are not taxed that's less public assistance they have to apply for. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alfalfa the Great Healer

Alfalfa, called by one eminent biologist, "THE GREAT HEALER", has been enthusiastically backed by many noted doctors, biologists, food and health authorities, who tell us that it contains more of the needed essential elements than almost any other plant or substance. The lack of elements is now considered to be one of the principal contributing causes of most human ailments. 

Along with its other amazing qualities, it has been found that alfalfa contains Vitamin U. Dr. Garnett Chaney, well-known food scientist of Stanford University, CA, has published his findings on Vitamin U, and asserts that it has great possibilities as as aid for peptic ulcers. In fact, according to the record, 80% of the ulcers so treated were healed. 

Alfalfa is the richest land grown source of trace minerals. The roots of this perennial plant burrow deep into the soil and absorb the important trace minerals and elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Combined with chlorophyll and other organic salts, these factors seem to balance the so-called salt system of the body and act as a natural diuretic. 

Alfalfa is most important for its Vitamin A and enzyme content. Vitamin A is important in building healthy skin, both outer and inner skin. The outer skin complexion improves, dryness is prevented and the skin becomes less susceptible to infection. The inner skin, or mucous membrane, is also greatly aided. The lining of the throat, nose, stomach and intestines are all improved with Vitamin A. 

Enzymes are organic catalysts which promote chemical changes. Alfalfa contains the following seven enzymes: Protase, which acts in the digestion of proteins: Coagulase, Emulsin and Peroxidase, which have direct action upon the blood: Amylase and Invertase which act in the conversion of starches and sugars: and Lipase, a fat splitting enzyme. Hence, Alfalfa greatly assists digestion both by promoting healthy mucous membrane tissue, and providing enzymes which convert foods into useable form. As many or our enzymes are destroyed by routine cooking and food processing, it is beneficial to take a few alfalfa tabs before each meal. 

The use of alfalfa increases one's alkaline reserves and helps to offset the enervating effect of fatigue acids. It is beneficial to who have kidney or bladder trouble because it makes excretion of the kidney less acid and therefore less irritating to the urinary tract. The U.S.Dept. of Agriculture states that while the average fruit or vegetable is from one to ten units alkaline, alfalfa is 130 units alkaline. This alkaline nature makes the use of anti-acid tablets for digestion unnecessary. 

Chlorophyll is plentiful in alfalfa, and chlorophyll is known as a body cleanser, infection fighter and nature's deodorizer. This wonder of nature possesses the property of breaking down poisonous carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen in turn, thus inhibiting or reducing the action of anaerobic bacteria. Try this experiment. If your dog has bad odor or bad smelly breath try crushing a couple of alfalfa tabs on his food. 

Alfalfa is rich in Vitamin K, which helps develop fibrin, which in turn protects against hemorrhaging by helping the blood to clot properly. It contains 20,000 to 40,000 units of Vitamin K for every 100 grams. 

Alfalfa is being used as a means of bringing relief to arthritis sufferers and there are approximately 10,000,000 arthritics today. The estimate is that 97% of all individuals over 40 have some form of arthritic disease. These individuals would do their aching joints a blessed favor by consuming some alfalfa in the tablet form. Patients who have had 18 alfalfa tablets, six, three times a day and some extra B-COMPLEX are free from pain and hands are limber. (Catharyn Elwood's "Feel Like a Million".) 

From the 2003 Shaklee catalog, page 19: "includes alfalfa, spearmint, and more; contains no fungicides, bacteriocides, synthetic hormones, growth regulators, or chemicals; 10 Alfalfa Complex tablets provide 300 mg of calcium, about as much calcium as in a glass of milk." 

To Order "Alfalfa" CLICK HERE

Update From the 2012 Shaklee Catalog:Alfalfa is a store house of nutrients. It's taproot reaches down as deep as 20 feet, searching out nutrients and minerals from deposits in the soil while it's leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through the natural process of photosyntheses.

Alfalfa complex is a Shaklee Signature Formula orginally developed by Dr. Shaklee. We use only the finest alfalfa grown in California, ensuring a wide range of nutrients, including calcium and phosphorus, as well as chlorophyll, bioflavonoids, trace minerals, and vitamins.

  • Natural source of alfalfa
  • Each serving provides 300 mg of calcium, about as much as a glass of milk